#USTWelcomeFest (at Plaza Mayor, University of Santo Tomas)

Birthday Dinner at Mann Yann

*super duper ultra mega late post* Dinner wt mom during my 16th, at my favorite restaurant! Yaaaay, and I even saw my ex while we were eating lol and he (plus his mom) surprisingly stopped infront of the window to say hi and to greet me a happy birthday. Also, mom bought me a birthday cake (yipee) and took me to Forever 21 for a shopping spree. She sure knows what I want for my birthday since we’ve been doing that shop-o-ramma for 2 years already. Hahaha, goodvibes for that day. Expect the unexpected!

up on stage during the #USTWelcomeFest 😋

(c) Christian Luz (at Plaza Mayor, University of Santo Tomas)

We come, we rave, we love 🙌 #USTWelcomeFest (at UST Plaza Mayor)

Why the hell not?

Let’s go AB, Let’s go! 💙 (at Plaza Mayor, University of Sto. Tomas)

Isa na akong tomasino!! 🐯💛 #TWW14 (at Arch of the Century, University of Santo Tomas)

1CA3; I love my block, my vain-ass jeje sweg lords! Honestly, even tho I don’t know their names yet (even the ones I hang with) but eventually through time I’ll be able to remember each and everyone of you. Everything just takes time! *wink* Thank you for a fresh new start, we started our week right! :)


And the clock stands still
Trying to escape the hate
And the emptiness you feel

A cup of coffee
And a pile of cozy sheets
A night of carefree
Drops touching thy cheeks

Craving for consistency
Amidst the sudden changes
We crave for restrictions
Things we’re bounded to posess

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