For surviving August 👊

For surviving August 👊

HI GUYS, I’m still alive.

Ahhhh, since college is jampacked with tons of acads and extra-curricular activities, it wouldn’t give you the extra time for your hobbies. And that is why, you should be thankful for holidays and class suspensions like this because you could get the chance to go back to your old routine. Just dropping by to update my blog! *and it deserves a selfie*

PS: Please tell me I don’t look like a zombie yet..



R101 #tb (at University of Santo Tomas)

August 16, 2014

The date of my very first absent. I actually promised myself that I will avoid having absences because it will be quite difficult to catch up but unfortunately, I FAILED. And I’m blaming it on the rain. The very bipolar weather in the Philippines. Starting the day with the bright rays of the sun, who would have thought it would be followed by a cloudy one? That day, I didn’t thought of that one

Losing your umbrella in times like this, sucks. A lot. When you’re a Thomasian who unfortunately lost her umbrella, first thing you’d probably think of are the stories from this popular page created by fellow Thomasians as well, called “UST Files” a compilation of stories submitted by anonymous growling tigers about their experiences in their stay in the university, wherein a random guy (most of the time labeled as the ‘ka-sparks’) comes out of nowhere with an umbrella and shares it with you but nope. That didn’t happen to me. I ended up getting soaked in rain water and catching some colds & fever plus the intense body pain. You wouldn’t want your day to end like this, do you? (but still, thanks to Marielle for sharing her umbrella with me, to Drew for lending his umbrella, to my mom for fetching me up)

I skipped my Saturday classes and headed to Makati Medical Center instead, to have a check up and have some tests taken. The thing about going to hospitals is that they give you tons of medicines to take; either in solid or liquid form, tablets or capsules, extremely large or insanely small, and sweet or bitter in taste. Luckily, mine were the small ones in tablet (also got 2 sprays for my colds and sinus).

As you can see, the photos above doesn’t really have anything to do with my story of getting sick except for the fact that my mom and I ended up having lunch at Pizza Hut. (Lol)

** I wrote this post twice because my laptop kept on shutting down (and as a blogger on Tumblr, you are aware that there’s no ‘instant-save’ button here) it took me a while too because I was having second thoughts of starting over again but I ended up finishing this post anyway. Hahaha!

Bcos I missed school today..

Growl and Fight! #GoUSTe

Baptized in paint (at Plato Bar Sherwood)

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