It has been a while since I last got tagged, and finally it’s back! All thanks to Jessa of jessajpescuela

I’ve had  numerous tags inclined with “facts about myself” so forgive me if ever I’d repeat some of it in this post.

  1. I love pets more than humans! I have a dog named Blacky and a cat, which didn’t originally have a name but was later called Ming Ming (Lol, idek why)
  2. I live in Makati (yup, the business district) and I love how everything is very accessible in this city!
  3. My grandfather was a soldier and that is the reason why we reside here in Fort Bonifacio (Now known as BGC, originally and still a part of Makati) where soldiers, during the 90s, live. (One fact I learned today from my mom!)
  4. I am a proud Thomasian; like my dad & grandmother, who also both walked in the Arch of the Centuries
  5. It was at UST when I first experienced a legit flood (August 19, 2014; I will forever remember this date)
  6. ^ I almost cried because there were too many cockroaches and shit (legit shit)
  7. I own a planner (I have one, every year because I believe that it helps people to keep track of the things they have to accomplish) Thanks, Campus BDJ!
  8. My travel time from my home to UST, usually takes 2 hours (in minimum) & 4 hours (maximum, as of today)
  9. I’m currently saving up for a DSLR of my OWN
  10. Yes I admit, I am a party girl (DEFINITELY, NO HATE)
  11. I love going to events!
  12. I am a part of TOMCAT (Thomasian Cable Television, the official broadcasting network and media organization of UST) and I’m really thankful I got in!
  13. I already got drunk (Okay, no hate number 2)
  14. There was that one time, when I didn’t go home..
  15. My mom and I are really close (food, movies & shopping is our bonding)
  16. I was accelerated (I was supposed to still be in my 4th year in high school right now)
  17. I’ve always wanted to learn how to drive, and own a (pink) car
  18. I have freakin’ Saturday classes for this sem (which sucks, a lot)
  19. I’ll be missing Candy Fair this year.. again
  20. I have fat cheeks and I love it,

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"You can never be overdressed or overeducated"-Oscar Wilde

"Don’t define your world in black and white, because there’s so much hiding amongst the greys."

Tiger Day
September 16, 2014- Tuesday

Since classes were suspended yesterday, Tiger day was moved today! Meaning, the Thomasian Family is required to wear their yellows, tiger prints, and accessories to show their support for the triumph of The Salinggawi Dance Troupe wherever they may be. Since UST yellow shirts were too mainstream and I’m not really fond of wearing shirt + pants + kicks combo (which I think, looks a little boyish), I decided to wear an animal print sheer top which I took from my mom’s closet, matched with gray pants, black snake skin satchel, white undergarment all from Forever 21, and black sandals (my favorite, since it can be matched with almost anything) from Zalora.ph.

Dressing up in school seems like a really new thing since we all have our uniforms to wear everyday (take note, without a wash day) and my blockmates call me “Makati Girl” Hahaha, stereotype of living in the business district. Anyway, Kat drove me til Taft (like what we do everyday, except during Wednesdays since it’s coding day) I’m really thankful to have her! She’s like, saving my life everyday from the hold-up fx thing in Manila. Hooray for today!



Walk the talk

For surviving August 👊

HI GUYS, I’m still alive.

Ahhhh, since college is jampacked with tons of acads and extra-curricular activities, it wouldn’t give you the extra time for your hobbies. And that is why, you should be thankful for holidays and class suspensions like this because you could get the chance to go back to your old routine. Just dropping by to update my blog! *and it deserves a selfie*

PS: Please tell me I don’t look like a zombie yet..


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