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All my feels right now

I hate it when people don’t reply to me right away. When I double text (I mean, quadruple text) them, hours has passed and they haven’t replied yet. When your phone vibrates or lights, you get your hopes up thinking it was them who messaged but nope. It wasn’t them. And when they finally replied, saying that they slept for awhile, you would go like “Didn’t you ever know about the word ‘brb’? You could say that next time instead of making me wait like an idiot.” And a minute after, they’d say that they’re gonna go back to sleep again, you’d just feel like “Am I not worthy enough to talk to that you’d just ditch me to go back to sleep?” Okay then. Okay. Better to shut down my phone instead.

Happy Easter :) - babaengmasochist

Happy Easter too, Ana!! ☺️🐰

18, male, 5'5'' or 5'6"? I'm not so sure haha. Brown eyes, Black hair (with streaks of white in some places.) I like reading, are into discussions regarding anything under the sun. A passion for stories and writing. I also like guns and knives haha don't be scared tho. Movie Date! and a long walk afterwards, preferably ending at stargazing in the middle of an open field. - Anonymous

Aw, I love this idea! Ending up stargazing is specifically my type. Plus, same interests, except for the guns and knives. Lol, but I guess we could watch something related to that. Saw, maybe? I love that movie. Hahaha, kinda morbid tho. Anyway, I’d date you anon. It would be amazing :)

Good Friday (late post)

Holy week; one of the most solemn part of the year. A time for forgiveness and repentance. Today, we accomplished a few of our duties as a Catholic.

First on the list, dropping by the church to pray and to look back on the things that happened in our lives; whether it is good or bad. Silence is what we need to purely communicate with Him. After doing so, we had our yearly Stations of the Cross. Actually, this one is not really obligatory. It is a “panata” which means, something you do on that period of time which composes of a little sacrifice. Yup, a little one compared to what He sacrificed for us. Good thing there were applications downloadable in the appstore (for ios users) that you could use. Scriptures, readings and prayers are all in it. Plus, it comes in handy!

While we were walking around Greenbelt (which was close that time so the lights were all off and it seems like the mall was an abandoned place) we saw this “Calvary” exhibit at Greenbelt 3. Those are the photos placed above. There are available pieces of paper there and you could write your sins, things you wanna change about yourself. The traumas and hurts that continue to hunt you. After that, you’ll burn it on the fire pit while saying the prayer written on the wall.

It was such a lovely experience. Like what we did during our retreat. You could get to know more about yourself, the things you did which you are proud of and the things that you did which you actually regret.


You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you
- Augustus Waters; The Fault in Our stars

"Kung paiiralin mo puso mo, talo ka."

Woke up to 83 messages last night! Ahhhh yes I love the sweet little efforts

Guys may joke ako..


Alam niyo yung schooling?

Diba yun yung sinasabi pag may tumatawag.. “Hello, who’schooling?” :(( HAHAHAHAHA omg forgive me

just saw this while back reading my blog hahaha queenie pls

Cause when you’re 15 and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.
Cause it’s true, there’s no other person you can rely on but yourself
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